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Tea Lifestyle Series: Get Your Body Back

Tea Lifestyle Series: Get Your Body Back

Chaidim is born in the splendid valleys of Northern Thailand, in Chiang Rai province, surrounded by natural harmony where well-being and happiness are the solid pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

A lifestyle where drinking tea is equally important to eating healthy food. Drinking Oolong Tea, Four Seasons Oolong tea, filled with antioxidant and nature scent, appreciating Lemongrass Ginger for its sweet spiciness, and cooling down with Chamomile Lavender, the key to dreamy nights made of stars.

Chaidim Organic Tea Lifestyle Series

Wellness is the body and soul of happiness. If you had health issues in the past, it is time to get your body back, make it stronger, make it immune, capable of protecting itself, regenerating itself, rejuvenating your body with vitality.

Get your body back is something that we all aspire to, when time takes its toll on our busy lifestyle. Years of never ending week end celebrations, excessive lunches and dinners, stress, commuting, lack of sleep, etc… are not that easy to wipe out with magic pills. The idea behind getting your body back is a lifestyle modification, a behavioral change that must be adopted for a long term journey, a real commitment, and not as a weekend apple-broccoli juicy diet. Motivation, willpower, goals, and most important discipline are the key words to success. By success, we mean just being well in your body, feeling good in your mind, making you a happy person living each day to the fullest and taking decisions with no regrets.

When you decide to go for a tea lifestyle, you need to understand the concept behind. This is not about drinking tea as diet only, it is about including tea, organic tea, with exercise, sleep and diet. A lifestyle that includes a wide selection of organic fruits and vegetables, beans, all kind of beans, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, no product contaminated by pesticides residues, no chemicals, no refined/processed food (empty the freezer right now and throw these frozen pizza boxes !!), no cheap tea made of broken dusty leaves, blended together with a myriad of pesticides. You do not need to travel the world dangerously with a cup of tea blended in Germany made of 12 types of tea exposed to 18 types of pesticides coming from 4 different countries (that’s the supermarket tea reality of today). But you need to complement your great life with a nice pure organic tea that will really make a difference.

A difference to be felt in yourself, in your mind, in your heart. A difference that can spread around you, and fill the air with vibrant and positive energy. 

Chaidim Organic Four Seasons Oolong Tea

For instance, to start the day after a good night of sleep, disconnect your coffee wiring cerebral mindset and switch to Oolong tea, Four Seasons Oolong Tea, a type of tea in-between green tea (non oxidized) and black tea (fully oxidized). A tea packed with antioxidants and low caffeine content that will be released progressively in the system. Mastering your new lifestyle will be all about moderation, not too much but not too little, balanced. Remember these words, they have to follow you wherever you go: Moderation (a little bit of everything, even this beautiful chocolate éclair at 4:00 pm) and well balanced with organic vegetables, gorgeous fruits. Plant-based diet means more veggies less meat, tea, some red wine to get tipsy, to laugh easily, to create and to love.

Chaidim Organic Four Seasons Oolong Tea Brewing Method    

Because of the low caffeine content, the Four Seasons Oolong can be taken in the morning, on an empty stomach even before breakfast. Brewing a couple of fresh cups in the morning will awake you, will make you feel good, open your eyes, and make you drink more water (tea = tea leaves + water) than a double shot of expresso rewarding you with a jittery sensation. A tea similar to an aromatherapy, lots of flavor, slightly roasted, vegetal scent, green color, welcome to your morning garden, where the grass has just been cut, where the twigs have just been roasted.

That’s how we wake up during a snowy winter season in New York or a sunny day in Bangkok.

Chaidim Organic Four Seasons Oolong Tea Brewing MethodA word on antioxidant. We will not go through the detailed scientific explanation for free radical, but it is important to know that free radicals are generated by many environmental factors such as: pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, herbicide, and also generated by stress, lack of exercise and lack of sleep. Did we mention that you have to quit smoking, or shall we all agree that it is an evidence. 

Chaidim Organic Four Seasons Oolong Tea Brewing MethodChaidim Four Seasons Oolong Tea is packed with a total antioxidant of 16537 mg per 100 g. It means that drinking this tea regularly will slow down the body destructive oxidation process and reduce potential for harmful diseases not to mention the benefit in anti-aging. Tea is definitely good for you, organic tea of course, green tea and oolong tea have more polyphenols and antioxidant than black tea, a similarity with wine, red wine has more antioxidant than white wine. So if you have to indulge in wine, make it red.

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, berries, chocolate, so use various sources to get your fix, and to get that body of yours back on track. 

Then, continue your daily activities with Lemongrass Ginger, a sweet and spicy herbal tea caffeine free. Ginger will spice up your life and treat your body warmly, lemongrass will bring you a lemony aroma, a craving for more. Of course, no sugar, no substitute, don’t use them. Let the pure and noble triangle teabag filled with organic love activates your senses. You can enjoy this tea anytime of the day. A little trick: one triangle teabag can be steeped two to three times, therefore, just pour boiling water, cover and steep the first brew at least 4 to 5 minutes. Let it cool down a bit, enjoy, and then refill with boiling water.

Chaidim Organic Lemongrass Ginger Herbal Tea

When comes the evening, it is about time for Chamomile and Lavender, a magic elixir, the key to a night full of flower scented dreams. One cup a day, to keep all these chemical drugs away. To sleep well, we need a calm bedroom, a progressive preparation in order to go to bed, less noise, less light, less excitement, a body has to relax, a mind has to calm down. This flowery herbal tea will show you the way to the bedroom, and will turn that TV off as well.

Chamomile Lavender is the companion of your dreamy nights, learn to appreciate this moment, a moment for yourself, a moment of calm. Don't add sweetener and go for the pure taste of the chamomile flower, blended with a bit of lavender, to remind you of a beautiful purple landscape. Perhaps time to start this postponed so many times meditation session ...

Chaidim Organic Chamomile Lavender Herbal Tea

A last advice, avoid sugar and learn to appreciate the real taste. Sugar in large quantity will overwhelm any beverage or food, and will project you in candy world. We don't want that. Now, if you can't do without, use honey, wild honey, organic honey. But don't use sugar cube, refined sugar, or even worst, fake chemical sugar substitute. If you go for honey, add a couple of freshly squeezed lemon drops so you can create an explosive cocktail and enjoy the full array of herbalistic fruity benefits.

To resume, see below an example of what a tea lifestyle could be:

  • Morning wake up with Four Seasons Oolong Tea, couple of freshly brewed cups, gentle wake up for the body and the mind
  • Morning activity on an empty stomach, move your body, sweat a bit, don’t burn, don’t put music in your ears, clear your mind, think about the day, plan your day, what you are going to do, forget listening to music while exercising, focus on what you are doing, i.e., mild run, brisk walk, jog, etc… even 20 mn better than nothing, don t do more than 45 to 60 mn.
  • Light breakfast, make it flavorful, make it easy, make it fruity, then shower it’s better.
  • Drink Lemongrass Ginger, one teabag can be brewed up to three times, just pour more water, make it last until lunch
  • Work, concentrate, focus, two hours, three hours, take a break, relax
  • A healthy lunch, lots of vegetables, raw, cooked, a bit of fish, beans, soy, whole wheat spaghetti or bread, olive oil, a little dessert, drink water, water is good for you.
  • After the meal, 30 mn or so, oolong tea, again, brew a couple of cups, for one to two hours, while you work, makes you alert, wit, sharp, concentrate, focus, talk with your colleagues, your family, your friends, be social, real life social, no smartphone social.
  • Lemongrass Ginger after 4 pm, forget caffeinated drink, again, make it last two cups at least.
  • Grab a fruit, a piece of whole wheat bread, forget snacks, so called healthy snacks, energy bars, sodium sugar full …
  • Exercise again, but this time, more energy, more power, sweat, juicy
  • Dinner, enjoy the company, laugh, Skype, love, watch a movie, read, relax, a chamomile lavender herbal tea in hand, then dream ...

Chaidim Organic Four Seasons Oolong Tea

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