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Free shipping within Thailand for minimum order THB 1,500.00


Lemongrass Pandan Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea

Lemongrass Pandan Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea

Chaidim Organic Lemongrass Pandan Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea

That's a sweet cocktail recipe, organic and herbal, caffeine free. So simple and so beautiful. Do you wanna know how to create a glass filed by a deep purple blue color liquid with the pandan soothing aroma combined with the zesty lemony lemongrass. Easy, just follow these little steeping dancing steps and share them with your friends:

1. Per person, take one triangle teabag Chaidim Lemongrass Pandan Herbal Tea.

2. Use a teapot, a teacup, a mug, or hold your hands in the shape of a teacup (paleolithic style).

3. To do the purple rainy trick, just add one or two dried Butterfly Pea flower in your cup along with the Lemongrass Pandan and let them swim in hot spring water together for a good 5 minutes.

4. Let it cool down a bit and enjoy the colorful taste

5. Or brew it for 15 minutes, then pour it in a glass filed with ice. Enjoy it cold.

6. To sweeten it or not, that is the big question. If you ask me, I shall tell you NO. But all tastes are in the nature I heard once, therefore, if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, I ll recommend a little coconut syrup, or a touch of honey. 

7. Chaidim organic Lemongrass Pandan is available within the U.S.A. via It might be faster than shipping from Thailand, but hey, your call. For any order shipped from Thailand, we always add freebies such as our organic Black Tea Ginger or our Supreme Black Tea.

8. For those who need a kick, you can add a pinch of Gin or Tequila to spice it up. As always, moderation is the key word.

Peace lovely Herbal people.

Chaidim Organic Lemongrass Pandan Herbal Tea


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