July 22, 2014


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Welcome to Chaidim !!!

Chaidim is an organic tea brand from Thailand. With the local farmers, Chaidim produces in the province of Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, organic herbal teas such as lemongrass, chamomile, ginger and butterfly pea and organic teas such as green tea, oolong tea and black tea.

Chaidim Organic Tea

With an overview on the complete process, from crops to final product, and operating only via mechanical methods, the company develops tea and herbal tea from single source field, each type of tea having specific aromas and flavors of its own, without any blending. The production is strictly based on 100% organic production methods with no pesticide and no chemical used during the process.

Chaidim is like a circle, shaped like a teapot. What it takes, it gives it back, forming an harmonious lifestyle taking into account the earth, the soil, the natural fauna, the seasons and the workers, up to the final product. It is called sustainability, or preservation. By not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, Chaidim is allowing the eco system to protect itself from natural predators, allowing the soil to be fertile, earth worms patiently recycling the soil, giving nutrients to the tea trees, bees patrolling the area, pollination, the good old fermented manure to feed this same soil. A world of authenticity where production rhymes with quality and terroir, and not with quantity and market price fluctuations.

Chaidim Organic Tea

Chaidim tea pluckers, tea makers and tea masters are all sharing these organic concepts to lead their life, i.e., passion for tea, knowledge of traditional cultivation methods, limited exposure to chemicals, taking care of the environment as an investment for the future, and as a legacy, an heritage for the younger generation.

Being together, working together develops social bond and forms community, where everybody works toward community development goals, educating their children, creating lasting families. Of course, better health means better relationship, better relationship develops harmony within the family, with education comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes passion.

Passion for tea, organic tea...


Detox with Organic GABA Oolong

Organic GABA Oolong | USDA Organic Oolong Tea from Thailand | Chaidim


Detox yourself with Oolong Tea, what does that mean ?

It means that a regular consumption of Oolong tea coupled with a healthy diet, or a fasting programme, or an harmonious life/work balance lifestyle, will help you to:

- Feel better in your body (loose fat and get toned)

- Get essential sleep (remember your dreams)

- Eat healthy and proportionally (no more crazy uncontrollable craving) 

- Get a radiant skin (no more cosmetic) 


But what can you call nowadays a "healthy diet" ?

A healthy diet is what I call an harmonious lifestyle. Eating healthy means balanced, in moderation and with enjoyment. Typically, you should/must eat + + lots of organic veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, brown rice, fish, free range eggs, you get the point, and - - less gluten, less sugar, no refined, no processed, less meat, and in particular less red meat, less chicken (unless free range), less whatever makes you chronically sick, fat, unhappy, crave, addict, toxic, etc.... 

A essential element in a healthy diet is exercise, yeah !!! But not the one which consists of looking for the remote control before diving again deep in the sofa. No. i m talking about the real deal, the one that makes you burn fat, sweat, wet, tired, painful, sour, but happy, energetic, in motion, toned, feelin better. I m talking about running, swimming, boxing, screaming, pull up, push up or sit up, yoga, archery or golf, the one outdoor, and because of pollution or winter time, the one indoor. Television eats your brain, did you know that ?

Exercising will make you sleep better, sleeping better will make you remember your dreams (sweet, nightmare and even weird ones too), waking up fresh in the morning will see you focus and concentrate throughout the day, full of vitality, no need for an energy drink anymore (and you should reduce your coffee consumption too by the way), having a better day will see you happier, happier means taking whatever life has to offer with a lot more contemplative and positive thoughts. It's a sure win win situation. Being better means being healthier, no more sick days, no more surgery, your bones, your muscles, your body, well fitted all together, less stress and more time to think about yourself and your loved ones.

Looks difficult ? Impossible ? No worries, you don't need much, and it's really not that hard. Now, if you need somebody to k... you b.... everyday, that's another story. Just remember the words "good will", "only you can make it happen", and "nobody else". Indeed, this healthy lifestyle is definitely not for everybody, it might kick in one day or another, after a real sickness, a loss, a huge week end of booze, or simply a need, a new need, a click that will make you click. It will happen sooner or later (or it has already happened if you're reading me right now), nobody can walk the path of life living in excess forever. No need to be Jim Morrison or Jimmy Hendrix, fast food everyday or clubbing from Friday to Sunday is called a life in excess. But when the healthy life will take its way, you will fast forget the excess of the past, and believe me, you won't crave for them anymore.


You mentioned a fasting programme ?

Correct. Fasting is good for you, you have to realize that. What's fasting, well, fasting is food deprivation with liquid compensation. I say deprivation but it is actually a very strong word. When you fast, you decide yourself to stay away from solid food for your body to react. Reaction will be in the form of cell protection and body self healing. Simply put, after a certain period of fast, the body will start to protect the good cells of the body and get rid of the bad ones, the ones that are not fully efficient, that are not essential anymore. Furthermore, the body will start to slow down, everything will calm down, your heart rate, your blood pressure, your mind, and surprisingly, your cholesterol, glycemic level, and triglycerides. Thus, creating a positive chain reaction in the body for self healing without any drug or medication.

IMPORTANT POINT NOT TO FORGET, people who practice fasting do hydrate themselves properly. And people who do fasting for a long period, from 2 to 12 days, do it under medical supervision. Do not attempt any fasting without proper advice or competent supervision.

And what's Oolong tea has to do with it. Oolong tea can help you to suppress the appetite while giving essential anti oxidant and amino acid elements to the body. In particular GABA Oolong, which is a Oolong tea fermented in a nitrogen cuve instead of oxidized in a ventilated room. This nitrogen fermentation method allows the GABA (amino acids) contained in the tea to reach a higher level than with oxidation. Therefore, a higher GABA content means more amino acids flowing in the body, which allows a better flux transmission within the nervous system. Simply said, you will feel alert, with a higher level of concentration, in complete serenity. Beautiful isn't it.


So that's an harmonious lifestyle ?

Yes, for me it is. Maybe for some it is not. And perhaps it's the complete opposite for others. Everybody his own way to live this life happily and with fulfillment. If your idea of happiness is climbing the highest peaks in the world, eating at all the 3 stars Michelin restaurants, break dancing on a rooftop club or practicing Tai Chi in a Chinese park at 5:00 am, it is your way, and it is the best. 

Mine is Oolong tea, all day long, tasty, without sugar, with a lot of many small little sweet cool things aside ..... keep me balanced, and in harmony with myself.


Organic GABA Oolong | USDA Organic Oolong Tea from Thailand | Chaidim

Nedim Behar
Nedim Behar


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