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Free shipping within Thailand for minimum order THB 1,500.00


What's Really Inside a Commercial Teabag ?

What's Really Inside a Commercial Teabag | Chaidim Organic Tea BlogIf you want to know what's in a tea bag, just have a look at these pictures taken this morning while working on our Chaidim Organic Shin Chin Oolong. It's called "leftovers" (technically Fannings"). Originally, these small pieces of tea were treated as the rejects of the manufacturing process in making high quality leaf tea like the orange pekoe. Fannings with extremely small particles are sometimes called dusts. Fannings and dusts are considered the lowest grades of tea, separated from broken-leaf teas which have larger pieces of the leaves. However, the fannings of expensive teas can still be more expensive and more flavorful than whole leaves of cheaper teas.

This traditionally low quality tea has however experienced a huge demand in the developing world in the last century as the practice of tea drinking became popular. Tea stalls in India and the South Asian sub-continent, and Africa prefer dust tea because it is cheap and also produces a very strong brew - consequently more cups are obtained per measure of tea dust.

Because of the small size of the particles, a tea infuser is typically used to brew fannings. Fannings are also typically used in most tea bags, although some companies sell tea bags containing whole-leaf tea.

It is without a doubt that the “dust” cannot contain a bare 1% of the great nutrients available in our Chaidim Organic Oolong as a whole leaf tea. So, do not wait anymore, and let our green wave submerge you in a world of subtle flavor, distinct aroma and great nutritional benefits.

Chaidim Organic Oolong for a better body, for a greater soul …

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