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Lemongrass Tea has Magical Properties

Lemongrass Tea has Magical Properties

Lemongrass is a plant that is commonly used in Asia and Africa and has recognized therapeutic and medical benefits. Our organic lemongrass is cultivated in the Northern Provinces of Thailand, where the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals are strictly prohibited.

Chaidim Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass is a plant that is commonly used in Thailand. Our Organic Lemongrass has not only anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antioxidant and therapeutic properties, it has also magical properties.

Recognized Properties for the Human Body

The main chemical component found in lemongrass is Citral, an aromatic compound. Citral is used in perfumes because of its lemony odor and it is its presence which accounts for lemongrass’ lemon scent. Antimicrobial an anti-fungal, Citral is effective in destroying or inhibiting microorganisms. Its regular consumption may also helps to improve blood circulation.

Production in Thailand

Lemongrass grows year-round in Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand. It is cultivated in organic soil where no pesticide or harmful chemicals are used. The adequate climate of Northern Thailand provides an optimal environment for the plant to harmoniously develop.

Chaidim Organic Herbal Tea from Thailand | Herbal Attack

Dried Leaves Preparation

The dried organic Lemongrass is very fragrant. Once the package opened, you can feel the citrus scent immediately. Using the dried leaves steeped to make tea produces considerable benefits.

You can brew them in hot water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, filter the tea and serve as it is. We strongly suggest not to add any sweetener like sugar as it will modify the real taste of the tea. You can slowly get yourself off the sugar hook by doing it progressively, slowly reducing your sugary diet, replacing refined sugar with honey for instance.

For recipes you can add the dried leaves to into the preparation. It will add its fragrant citrus flavor and spice up your meal.

Medicinal uses

A myriad of health benefits have been attributed to the use of Lemongrass as a tea, food or essential oil. Widely reported in countless websites, benefits such as diuretic, helps digestion. alleviate respiratory conditions, anti-pyretic, pain relieving properties, muscle relaxant, etc… are what you can expect when consuming the plant regularly, when of course added to your already healthy diet and organic lifestyle.

Magical Properties

Our main interest of today: Lemongrass Tea has Magical Properties.

Indeed, not so long ago, Lemongrass had the reputation of being an enchanting herb capable of “expanding your horizons”. The Encyclopedia of Magical Plants mentions that Lemongrass will chase away snakes, enhance sexual satisfaction, deepen your psychic abilities and purify your home. Interesting isn't it.

And you want to know how to harness Lemongrass’s magical properties. It’s quite simple:

- Plant a chump of Lemongrass at the edge of your property and you will chase the snakes away.

- Brew and drink a herbal tea made of dried lemongrass and you will improve your psychic abilities.

- Add the brewed tea to your bath water before having intimate contact with your loved partner and you will increase (both ?) sexual pleasure.

- Use the brewed tea in your cleaning solution when your kid reluctantly mops the floor and you will purify your home sweet home.

Chaidim’s Suggestion

Forget the enchanting medieval world. Lemongrass is a wonderful herbal tea with a spicy lemony taste that you will make you crave for more. Brew lemongrass daily because it is a powerful natural tonic, and it will really stimulate your senses.

Check our Organic Dried Lemongrass here.

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