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Who killed my Tea ? Essential tips to preserve your tea fresh and delicious

To preserve your tea, learn to store it properly

A very important notion in order to preserve your tea fresh and flavorful is to store it properly. When improperly stored, the tea will spoil faster, become rancid and accumulate impurities that will alter both flavor and aroma.

The criminals to which all teas are vulnerable are: 

-        Air & Light

-        Heat & Sun

-        Strong odors

-        Moisture

Air is Light

To avoid contact with air (and actually light), always store your tea in an airtight opaque container made of glazed ceramic or metal such as Stainless Steel or Aluminum Laminated. Make sure that the container had no impurities nor food inside before storing the tea (odors issue).

Heat the Sunrise

The sun is deadly, not only for your skin, but also for the tea (and almost anything with flavor when exposed for too long ….). Keep the tea away from the sun, even when stored in an opaque airtight container as it will “cook” the container, and the tea will increase in temperature, which might lead to a loss of flavor (like when you open a bottle of wine left under the sun for few hours at the beach …). Really, heat-the-culprit will degrade the quality of the tea, remove flavor and aroma, and increase the chance that your tea will take on moisture.

Safe in a closet

The dark cabinet is always a winner. The tea must be stored in a dark and dry place, away from heat sources, and additionally, the old bag of dried Chinese mushrooms or your dad’s favorite stone-grinded Arabica. Why ? Because the tea has this marvelous faculty of absorbing odors, so while a nice herbal blend can make your day, the same tea blended with a undesirable smell might not get the same joyful result.


Is another no-go, unless you want to see the development of mold, caking or other unpleasant bacteriological results on your precious batch of rare Oriental Beauty. Therefore, by all means, keep your dried tea leaves away from humidity such as boiling water, bathroom shower, sauna, rain, etc… (non exhaustive list!).

Therefore, remember these wise words: Cool, Dark, Dry and Airtight.

By following these simple rules, your tea will last longer, keep flavors, aromas and health benefits intact, all for your tasting pleasure …

Last word. Once opened, the tea must be drunk as soon as possible. There is no point keeping a tea for years, as the freshness, flavor and aroma will ineluctably fade away with time …. So, drink it !!!


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