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Organic Dong Ding Oolong Tea


Packed in a vacuum sealed pouch to preserve its freshness.

  • Dong Ding means "Frozen Summit".

    For many Oolong lovers, Dong Ding is considered the premium Oolong.

    Our Dong Ding has several unique features: An intense aroma, a well balanced roasted taste, and a yellow to orange infusion color. Each leaf is specially selected and carefully picked by skilled hands. Of course, the flavor and aroma of hand picked tea is much more mellow and smooth than tea trimmed by a machine.

    The misty climate with warm days and cool nights of Chiang Rai province provide the adequate temperature and environment for the tea plants to grow peacefully and develop delicate buds.

    Dong Ding Oolong will always be an excellent choice. It is also a very good Oolong to pair with a nice meal, as the roasted flavor enhances the whole gastronomic experience.

    Check how to brew Oolong the simple way, so easy, an essential short read.

  • Flavor Nutty, roasted coffee beans, black chocolate, caramel
    Aroma Nutty, roasted taste, fruity
    Oxidation Level 50%
    Organic Yes
    Tea type Oolong
    Origin Chiang Rai province, Thailand
    Picking style Hand Picked
    Elevation  600 to 800 meters
    Packing Vacuum Sealed
  • Brewing tea is a wonderful alchemy. It requires you to use your “six senses” to understand the tea harmony. By paying attention to time and water temperature, you will optimize the brewing up to the desired taste. Of course, it differs from one tea to another, as well as the vessel to be used. For a great tasting experience, a gaiwan or a yixing clay teapot are incontestable accessories. Practice is the key.

    “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them” - Aristotle

    150 to 200 ml
    500 to 750 ml 
    Amount of tea
    (1 tbsp = 7 to 9 g)
    5 to 8 g 10 to 12 g
    Water temperature 95 °C 95 °C
    First infusion  45 sec 1 mn to 1: 30 mn
    Second infusion  10 sec 1 mn
    Third infusion  10 sec 45 sec
    Remaining infusions can be brewed for a longer period of time. 

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