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Blue Rabbit Lemongrass Pandan Butterfly Pea ชายดิม บลูแรบบิท ชาตะไคร้ ใบเตย ดอกอัญชัญ

A blue rabbit running in a green field made of Lemongrass, Pandan and Butterfly Pea. A surprising herbal tea for all the Chaidim Organic Lemongrass Pandan lover around. Brew it for 5 minutes to enjoy the deep blue tone, add lemon to twist it into a purple rainy day love. 

Caffeine free, you can enjoy this blue tea at any time of the day, at any place, as long as you have a cup and some pristine hot water, perhaps friends, a view, a moonlight, a sunrise, a pet, kids running around or a husband.

Does not contain any artificial/natural flavor, additives, caffeine or sugar.

Net Weight: 60 g

Collections: Loose Herbal Tea, Loose tea

Type: Herbal Tea