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Free shipping within Thailand for minimum order THB 1,500.00


A Simple Guide To a Healthy Life Free of Disease

Message Living in an everchanging world, fast paced, with so much temptation and so little knowledge, it is easy to get lost in a sea of unhealthy behavior. The Forest is a life project, our life project, a project to improve our quality of life, the quality of life of our entourage, the people we love, the ones we want to see grow and age free of disease. Our goal is to give you the right tools to understand how to be healthier, how to better eat, sleep, exercise, love, share and live your life to the fullest. Using functionality and creativity, we will provide you with powerful words and techniques, like seeds planted in your mind, and your body. And when seeds are left alone, within a proper environment, they wait for the right season to blossom into manifestation. In every one of these seeds, there is the promess of thousand forests. Pattaralada Rittiwong, M.D. Nedim Behar, Health Manager

Simple Rules These are simple rules to apply progressively to your lifestyle so you can live longer and healthier, age gracefully without drugs and medication. 

Eat real food .
Reduce carbohydrates .
Treat your gut well .
Avoid processed food .
Consume healthy fats .
Exercise .
Get sun smart .
Manage stress .
Use free will .
Drink organic tea (and wine) .
Share life experience .
Befriend .
Travel .

Take our hand By using Functional Medicine and awareness, we look at the whole body and mind to provide long-term health solutions. Our goal is to empower ourselves and work together towards prevention and care, to understand how and why illness occurs and how to restore good health by addressing the root cause of the disease while making essential changes to our lifestyle and environment. From existing conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression or chronic fatigue syndrome to just improve general lifestyle with greater physical condition, nutrition and life harmony, our passionate Functional Medicine team will provide you with personalized and preventive treatments, and guide you on what to take out, what to put in, and how to manage it. Our team has an array of tool to determine the right direction for you. These tools can include the following and much more:

1. Genetic testing to design most appropriate diet and nutrition
2. Metabolism and cellular function analysis via Organic Acid Test
3. Ultimate gut health to optimize body functions
4. Blood test for functionality and longevity
5. Inflammation markers and hormonal balance
6. Body composition and stubborn fat system
7. Enhanced detoxification and fasting approach
8. Functional food concept and cutting edge nutrition information
9. Regenerative medicine and targeted stem cells treatment
10. Metabolic syndrome reversal of fatty liver, diabetic, obesity and hypertension
11. Understanding depression, anxiety, stress and how to manage

Get real answers to your health concerns: All our consultations are personalized and designed to address your chronic illnesses and health concerns, this is a series of sessions that will give you the answers you are looking for. You will get your own Care Team, your doctor and your health manager to accompany you on your health journey. Give us a call at +66 (0) 2-319 88 90 or send us an email at to book a new lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

“When you change your ENERGY, you change your life"