June 27, 2014


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Welcome to Chaidim !!!

Chaidim is an organic tea brand from Thailand. With the local farmers, Chaidim produces in the province of Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, organic herbal teas such as lemongrass, chamomile, ginger and butterfly pea and organic teas such as green tea, oolong tea and black tea.

Chaidim Organic Tea

With an overview on the complete process, from crops to final product, and operating only via mechanical methods, the company develops tea and herbal tea from single source field, each type of tea having specific aromas and flavors of its own, without any blending. The production is strictly based on 100% organic production methods with no pesticide and no chemical used during the process.

Chaidim is like a circle, shaped like a teapot. What it takes, it gives it back, forming an harmonious lifestyle taking into account the earth, the soil, the natural fauna, the seasons and the workers, up to the final product. It is called sustainability, or preservation. By not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, Chaidim is allowing the eco system to protect itself from natural predators, allowing the soil to be fertile, earth worms patiently recycling the soil, giving nutrients to the tea trees, bees patrolling the area, pollination, the good old fermented manure to feed this same soil. A world of authenticity where production rhymes with quality and terroir, and not with quantity and market price fluctuations.

Chaidim Organic Tea

Chaidim tea pluckers, tea makers and tea masters are all sharing these organic concepts to lead their life, i.e., passion for tea, knowledge of traditional cultivation methods, limited exposure to chemicals, taking care of the environment as an investment for the future, and as a legacy, an heritage for the younger generation.

Being together, working together develops social bond and forms community, where everybody works toward community development goals, educating their children, creating lasting families. Of course, better health means better relationship, better relationship develops harmony within the family, with education comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes passion.

Passion for tea, organic tea...


Detox Yourself with Oolong Tea and Fresh Lemon Juice

Detox yourself with Chaidim Oolong Organic Tea.

Oolong Tea has outstanding health benefits, and this is precisely why it is still widely used today. 

Double the benefits by adding a fresh lemon juice to a cup of Chaidim Organic Oolong tea to detox your organism every morning. By adding lemon to your favorite Oolong, you will not only boost its health effects and support the antioxidant intake, but speed up your metabolism, increase your fiber absorption, and also support the natural detoxification process.

This healthy cocktail is particularly important for those who have abused alcohol (anyone here ?) or who haven’t had a proper detox diet in years, and who are afraid of the negative effects that chemicals have on their bodies in the long haul.

Drink Chaidim Organic Oolong daily, add lemon, avoid refined sugar, add honey (a pinch if you have a sweet tooth), forget milk. 

Be good, think positive, exercise, read great books, listen soothing music, don't stop enjoying... if you wanna be bad, just be it but don't harm the others ......


Chaidim's Suggestion: Click here to try our Four Seasons Oolong with a slice of lemon.

Nedim Behar
Nedim Behar


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