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How to make the perfect cup of Oolong Tea

How to brew a perfect Oolong (or any tea) without using Gong Fu Cha style:



1) Rinse two similar sized teapots with hot water, to clean and warm the tea pots. Discard the water.

2) Use water temperature between 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, make sure that you use a proportional amount of tea and water in the teapot. For instance, 200 ml tea pot with 7 to 8 gr max of tea. Increase to 10 to 13 grams in a 500 ml teapot.

3) For a 200 ml tea pot, add a tbsp (7 to 9 grams) of Oolong tea, and pour a little bit of hot water to "wake up" the tea for 2 seconds. Discard the water.

4) Pour the hot water over the "awaken" tea.

5) First brewing should be between 20 to 45 sec max, depending of the tea type. Once brewed, pour the tea out in the second tea pot to stop the brewing process. 

6) For each subsequent brewing, let the tea brew for only 20 seconds first and adjust. Add hot water to the tea if it's over brewed. . 

7) Smell the intense perfume. Sit back, relax and enjoy the tea.

Brewing tea is a wonderful alchemy. It requires you to use your “six senses” to understand the tea harmony. By paying attention to time and water temperature, you will optimize the brewing up to the desired taste. Of course, it differs from one tea to another, as well as the vessel to be used. Only practice will improve your skills, and only drinking tea will develop your taste buds ...

Using this method to brew our Organic GABARON (GABA Oolong) or our Oriental Beauty Oolong will instantly make you forget your old brewing techniques !!!!!

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