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KAMJOVE Glass Tea Pot

Brew tea like a master with our Glass Teapot, suitable for all kind of tea


  • Brew tea like a master with KAMJOVE Glass Tea Pot. Now, with this patented Press Art Tea Cup, you can do it very easily. The original designed filter and the patented Press-valve help you to control the desired strength of tea and preserve the full flavor and pure aroma. The glass tea pot and the filter can be easily washed. It does not absorb nor retain odors.

    It’s the perfect tea buddy, ideal to appreciate all types of tea, anywhere.

    A must have product for any tea lover.

  • Inner Cup:  350 ml (12 oz), Polycarbonate
    Outer Cup:  1000 ml (34 oz), outer cup glass with fixed black handle
    Size:  Height: 19 cm – Diameter: 9 cm 
    Suggested amount of tea:  Between 8 to 17 g (loose tea)
    • Can tolerate instant temperature differential from-20℃ to +150℃.
    • Unique patented "Press Valve Water-Controlling" technology and scientifically designed 100-grid precise filter net ■ Manually blow-molded heat-resistant glass pot. Food-grade borax glass
    Packaging: Carton Box 
    Weight: 545 g
    Country of Origin: China
    • Put some tea leaves into the inner filter
    • Add hot water into the filter, then put the lid on
    • Press the button on the top of the filter when reached the desired strength
    • Pour the tea into a cup and enjoy


Type: Teaware