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Chaidim Organic Lemongrass Herbal Tea Triangle Teabag

100% Pure Lemongrass. Contains 16 individual triangle teabags of 2 grams.

Chaidim Organic Lemongrass in easy to use teabag makes a delicious herbal tea. Pesticide and chemical free, our pure Lemongrass is a delight, hot or iced. One teabag can be brewed several times. This beverage is caffeine-free.

Lemongrass is a plant that is commonly used in Thailand and has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antioxidant and therapeutic properties.

This box is made in two parts, the cover and the dispenser. The dispenser allows you to easily keep and serve your teabags.

Suitable for Children and Pregnant Women.

Does not contain any artificial/natural flavor, additives, conservatives, caffeine and sugar.

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Net weight: 32 grams



Type: teabag