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Free shipping within Thailand for minimum order THB 700.00



Chaidim Organic Tea - Teabag

Chaidim Organic Tea

The first premium organic tea brand of Thailand dedicated to the most outstanding Hotels, finest Restaurants & exceptional Retailers

Tea is more than just a cup, than just a side for some sweets. Tea is an experience, a drink by itself, as valuable as wine, with its own tipsiness, with subtle flavors to interpret. Tea is an invitation, a travel, a discovery. Tea allows us to understand tasting nuances, flowers, landscapes, bushes, trees, flora and fauna that surrounds the tea ecosystem. The expertise of the tea master allows the leaf to reveal even more, greens, grass, fruity aromas, roasting, cooking styles, fire, charcoal and rocks.


Be part of our tea story

Let us assist you to develop a tea menu, to perfect your brewing techniques and enhance your serving presentation. To our customers, we offer staff training on site, workshops, tea pairing suggestions and tea cocktail ideas.

We supply hotels, restaurants, tearooms and coffee shops with a wide range of tea in teabags and loose tea format. For the latest updates and available products, please contact us for a personalized offer.

Chaidim Organic Tea - Hotel Supplier HoRECa

Chaidim Organic Tea - HoReCa



Chaidim Organic Tea - HoReCa

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